How one font dominated movie posters

When Carol Twombly created the Trajan typeface for one of the earliest versions of Photoshop, she never knew it would become one of the most used typefaces on movie posters.

Small details can go a long way in making an exceptional impression on customers

In a world where sealed factory bags and a black-and-white order receipt are considered standard, it’s the small details like this that go a long way in making an exceptional impression on customers.

Creating a memorable experience that leaves your customers delighted with an experience they will want to share can help build your brand be the competitive edge your business needs to not only get repeat business but also to attract new customers.

Andy Dunn, the founder of Bonobos says it best:

β€œAt the end of the day, you’re not building an e-commerce company, you’re building a brand that has e-commerce as its core distribution channel.”

Via Shopify Blog: How To Create a Memorable and Shareable Unboxing Experience for Your Brand