We help the world's coolest companies build amazing digital products. When better pixels are used, we will create them.

Over the past 8+ years, we've helped everyone from tiny web startups to Fortune 50 companies build products that are simple, beautiful, and easy to use. 

We're one of the few agencies in the world that can take a product idea from end to end โ€” and to that end, you can edit 100% of the content on all pages, because we build all sites on the Squarespace platform.

You already know about Squarespace, right?
Quickly upload images from your computer and easily embed audio and video from the likes of YouTube, Vimeo, Flickr, SoundCloud and 500px. Then just drag and drop your content till your page/post looks exactly how you want it to. Managing your site has never been simpler, and we keep it that way!


The only constant thing in life is change.

You could also say: a great website is never done. Seriouslyโ€” it's a real challenge to commit to creating fresh, new content, and the last thing we want is for you to feel like you can't control your site. We're here to make sure you're always in charge of your site's content. It's the #1 reason why we build all custom sites on the Squarespace Developer Platform!

All websites we build are fully responsive and retina-display-ready. So no matter whether youโ€™re showcasing your work on your Windows laptop, Android phone or iPad Pro, you can be confident your mobile-optimized, Dr. Leo Marvin Baby Steps Book Tourโ„ข site will always show your content in the very best light.


"We have used Squareflair to work on 2 very different websites for our pediatrics offices and get such nice compliments on their layouts and functionality. Alan is great work with and I would recommend him highly!"

Lynn Van Meter, C.O.O.
Sun Country Pediatrics PLLC

Sun Country Pediatrics


From napkin sketch to a real-world product; we're your guys*.

Clients approach us at many different stages in the life of a product. As a result, we've built a diverse team of world-class designers, web developers, project managers, and quality assurance folks to ensure that we can meet any challenge.

*dudes, homies, blokes, dandies, fellows, pals,ย comrades, companions, mates, bros, sidekicks, partners