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Arrival of Wedding Party

Suggested 45 minutes for photos and then another 10 minutes to get guests seated and the wedding party briefed on how the intro is being done and what order they are being introduced in.

Grand Introduction

This should be done in accordance with how you desire it.  If you want elegant intros or high energy sports type intros or something in between your master of ceremonies (DJ) should coordinate it to fulfill your desires.  We could play a background song for the wedding party and a different song for the bride and groom. Important: Make sure the DJ knows exactly how you want to be addressed when being introduced to your guests!

First Dance

You are already on the dance floor and have everyone’s attention.  This is a perfect time to do your first dance.  Since you have already danced, your guests will not feel awkward if they want to dance to a song during dinner since the first dance has already been completed.  This also cuts down on the number of dances your guest must play spectator to after dinner is complete.

Blessing / Meal Served

If you want to say grace prior to your meal, let your master of ceremonies or DJ know who will give it so they can introduce them. Your DJ should coordinate with one another as to who will release tables and how it should be done.  Ask your DJ if they have any special things they do to interact with the crowd and release tables.

Best Man's Toast

Traditionally the toast are prior to the meal.  We have found they work better if you pour the champagne / cider / wine as soon as the last guest has their main course served.  Normally the wedding party is finished eating and can now do toasts.  Everyone else can eat their meal while listening and easily raise glasses at the appropriate time.  This has a couple of effects. Your guests start eating a few minutes earlier while you do not waste any time while everyone waits for toasts to be finished, thus completing dinner a few minutes earlier.  Also, your toast beverage will be nice and cold.  If you do your toast immediately most caterers will pour the drinks before the guests are seated and you end up having it sit 15-20 minutes until you get to toasts.  Once again it is your event and you dictate when it happens, theses are just some ideas to think about.

Other Toast

Normally the maid of honor and one or more parents will want to give a toast as well.  You want to let people make toasts, but be aware that if you open it to all guests you could spend a long time listening to a multitude of people stumbling through saying the exact same thing.  I have seen toasts stretch to past an hour when the bride and groom insisted that everyone be allowed to speak that wanted to.

Father – Bride Dance

Pick a song that says what you want to convey to your father, or let him pick a song with a message to you.  Your guests could still be eating while you are doing this.

Mother – Groom Dance

Pick a song that says what you want to convey to your mother, or let her pick a song with a message to you.  Your guests could still be eating while you are doing this.  As the song is winding down this is a good time to invite all your guests to join in for a few slow songs.  They have been though a cocktail hour and dinner and you want them to get moving so everyone is awake and ready to move on with the party.

Open Dance 3-4  popular fast

Guests are ready to PARTY. Play a few fast and then mix into some classic oldies Get people moving,

Wedding Party Dedication (part of open dance)

Rather than doing a wedding party dance with a floor filled with people who are there with other dates you may want to dedicate a song to the wedding party and just let everyone dance with their actual date for the night.

Cake Cutting

Some DJ’s will run this event.  But you might prefer to announce it and let your photographer run it as they see fit so they get the pictures exactly as they desire.

Bouquet Toss

Some couples are doing the elimination dance mentioned above instead of the entire bouquet garter sequence.  Most still do the traditional bouquet toss.  Choose a song for background music to get the ladies going. Ask your DJ about it and he will discuss details with you.

Remove Garter / Garter Toss

This should be one of your most fun times of your reception.  Have a good time and enjoy yourself.  If you don’t laugh your DJ did not handle this well.  Choose a separate song for removing garter and for throwing it to the guys.  Work with your DJ to make sure that having the gentleman who caught the garter put it back on the leg of the girl who caught the bouquet is what you want to do.  Most DJ’s will have some twists you can do on this.  The key is to handle it appropriately for your event and have a good time.

Open Dancing - Party Time

 DJ will normally work through several sets of music of various tastes so that all your guests hear something they will like and get a chance to hit the dance floor.